Once again, burn doing doing it right by assigning an OG rollerblader to produce an event letting skaters do what they do best... making something out of nothing. In this case a 2day trance electro event by the pool side was just enough to get shit done.

See Chiaki Ito and the gang bring their private ramp on a truck and build a complete mini ramp at day time that turns into a so called ghetto movie theater at night time. Cameo shots by skateboard team Lesque. 30 days of planning, 2days of sunburn, 30days of post production I was fortunate enough to lead this production. 

Post Be-Mag Japan Tour and the Clip 4 Tour, this is to be one of my great memories with my friends. Thanks to Chiaki and Yao-taro and all who believed in their "Creative Energy". 

It was a good day... 


まさかこんな形で、自分が小学生の時に手に取ったBOX MAGAZINEの中でフルパッドで神社のレールをソールグラインドしていた日本人。後に俺のトイレの壁を飾る世界のスーパースターと一緒に仕事が出来るとは思ってもいなかったな。。。ったく業界も狭くなって、俺もビッグになったぜ、、、とか言っとく。

今回スケートランプの手配からスケーターのキャスティング、当日のパフォーマンスまでフルサポートしてくれたCHIAKI ITOに感謝!そして、ランプ組み立てから発電機のトラブルまで対応できるスケーター集団の底力には心の底から憧れ、、、いやHRTZだぜ!

This is the KYM on the spot. Everything and anything that I think is "horetaze" is here.