This is the video from the Valo08 tour Paris stop, session at Ivry. Alex was hurt at the time so mainly Bailey shocked everyone through the whole session. Not to forget "The Julio" with his perfect full torque and soul grind on the wave ledge. Peep me in the video with the full torque. Yeah man! haha




Don`t we just all love FREE concrete skate parks with bad graffiti.
Paris edit by eddylookback


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Just getting ready for the skate video premiere party next week. Its not our video but its just another excuse to get together and have some fun. Its our second premiere following the one for Clip 4 held in Spring. My job is mainly making the flyers and any design output to go with the event. This time I'm trying out the retro printing machine. Its very cheap and prints on craft paper. The printer is in Osaka. That should say it all. 
Looking to have some fun printing random stuff in the future! 


Voting begins NOW for the first-ever ONE Skater of the Year award. These ten finalists were determined by YOUR votes (more than 1,500!), and now the power is in your hands again to decide who will earn this prestigious honor. 







Worship or Wear? "Aggressive" skates are meant to be worn and grinded. 
Somethimes I like to get medieval on my wheels too. Not from a hard skate session, but because these wheels sucked sooooo bad. Soft, square and slow. KILL KILL KILL! Shame on you!

Next time boy, pick a better wheel!


Check out Sho in this quick YAH edit, filmed and edited by Eddy Lookback. posted here

The concrete skatepark is the new EGP18 they made in Paris and we got to go there on our last day of the trip. Tricky obstacles and unbelievably smooth concrete. It was on the sketchy side of Paris too, some place tourists would never go. Big ups to Lookback for the edit! 
"Everybody hates Lookback" 

Expect some more YAH edits soon? Maybe...



IMYTAサンフランシスコ、USD Psirus、EnglandClothing、Leap of Faith。
MINDGAMEのBRAIN FEAR GONEとUSDのCoup De Tatが出たのもこの頃で一番バブリーだったな。かっこいいアマチュアもたくさんいたし、とりあえずみんなフードかぶってたよね。当時の俺は高校生で学校にスケートを持っていって毎日スケートしてたよ。まるでフミナガ。




Checkin out Hypebeast and found this. Already!? Consolidated is acting fast this time around and it could get pretty ugly. In my previous entry I mentioned Nike's involvement into snowboarding and wether it was really all that bad. 

It was the same argument with NikeSB and I personally don't know yet if Nike's involvement in skateboarding was a bad idea for the industry or not.

But, it looks like small companies inside the industry are suffering pretty bad and their not afraid to speak up. I read up on the interviews and the "support SNOWBOARD companies" slogan and "Don't Do It" campaigns sounds more like a fight for a man's (mainly Birdo's) freedom and keeping the "American dream". And skaters all over the world are responding and helping out to keep one of their "brother" stay in business... Sounds touching and beautiful but hey, aren't Consolidated's images all anti and hate? Is hate the only way to protect something? 

Support skater-owned? More like support skater-owned owners.

I'm sure there are skaters and riders finally making a living off Nike? I would argue.
read about the D.D.I. ARMY and the campaign here and get informed. You decide for yourself.


CrookedTongues Ad for the Adidas aZX collection

Being a sneaker head myself, I say definitely "Wear". "Worship" is for teenagers. 


"It ain't nothin to it, but to do it"                            「やってやれい!」




Props to Jake Wiens and talented people like him that are gathered around Valo. 
Having skated my pair till putting a whole through both of the soulplates, I can now truly see and believe what Valo represents. And what these guys are doing up in SF. (and Santa Ana)

To me, I see it as a gathering of creative minds. Bringing together their talent and collaborating in their own ways. For us to be part of Valo is about being involved, contributing and most importantly living the movement and the culture right in front of you. Having that said, "We Are Valo" and "Valo For Life" is not just a t-shirt logo anymore.  



Omocomo is back from a long break and picked up his camera again. This time of course with Shintaro Nakayama. 

Trying to find time to take photos while balancing being a full-time salary-man, a husband and a father is never too easy. Especially when you are skating in Tokyo downtown where security is all over the place. This time omocomo kidnapped Shintaro (and KO) at 4 in the morning while the wife and the baby was still asleep. Snapped a few photos and went home to spend the afternoon with his family.

See the rest of his new photos on his flickr set along with his previous issue from last year.


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ゲストにFORCE OF NATUREのDJ KENTが来るようで。遊びに行ってみようと思います。


JOURNEY JOURNEY -from Earth to Space-

My friends from school Oya-san and Abe-chan are together in a VJ unit and they are having a party this month, just so you know. The picture is of Oya-san, a caveman graphic designer that actually lives in school. The picture is of him at school just after he finished designing the flyer. He is the one who showed me what it truly takes to pursue design as a career. A real mad designer. Hopefully he will be doing some work for my projects soon... till then sleep well. 

デザイン事務所で働く友達のコジコジがGoogleMaps APIを利用して作ったライブハウスマップ、LINDA。最近、β版をリニューアルしたようで。さすがの完成度だぜ、HRTZ!








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A lot of the time we get a mix of international heads here in Tokyo. Kenny Owens from Charlotte was out here the whole September on a journey by himself.

Kenny is a skater(dope mistral on rails) and a filmer(say word 3 out now!) skating with Montre and Dre back in Charlotte. He was staying over at his mom's friends house in Roppongi for a month and we got to go there one day. It was straight out luxury and amazing. A place you could never afford to live by yourself. Plus kenny had the freshest kicks and clothes you wouldn't believe. 


This is the KYM on the spot. Everything and anything that I think is "horetaze" is here.